About the client

Taw9eel (Tawseel) is the largest online hypermarket in Kuwait, with a 24/7 instant home delivery within 4 hours. It serves 9 countries in their region and is operating in Kuwait since 2007. With the iOS app launched in Autumn 2015, the client wanted to enable on-the-go shopping for the majority of its current and potential customers with a intuitive interface and a beautiful design. This also included support for both English and Arabic languages, as the domestic Kuwaitis and the expatriate majority each understand at least one of the languages.


Our approach

In designing this ecommerce app, we followed the material design guidelines to accomplish the native Android look and feel and took into account the need for both LTR and RTL layout, required by two different languages. The user could browse items as a guest or register/sign if when ready for a purchase. The search functionality was very important for the ultimate shopping experience, so we enabled sorting by position, alphabetical order, subcategories, colour, price (slider) and more. We also listed similar search terms in case the search returned no results to make sure the user stays engaged.



Each product was displayed with its user rating, SKU (if applicable) and stock availability, with price, size and servicing info. The user may browse product details, related products, call 24/7 customer service directly or share their favourite item. All the necessary info is placed one screen, which makes the shopping decisions relaxed and easy. The registration is structured simply and clearly, as well as the checkout to ensure the experience is great for all customers, no matter the age or language.


cartWe also wanted to add a human touch to every screen and make sure the user feels the love that has been put into every little detail. Such is the shopping cart design – if you remove all the products from it, it produces a sad face to indicate you should add new items for the ultimate shopping experience.

In this case a new CTA also appears, ‘Shop All Departments’, which encourages the user to try shopping again and find the desired product. This attention is derived from the careful analysis of possible scenarios and behavioural patterns of customers.


Following the success of the iOS version, the Taw9eel Android already received very good ratings and thousands of downloads in only a month. Available on most Android devices (4.2 and higher), it’s already proven to raise revenues to the store and increasing the share of wallet for each customer. It’s also a solution modified to fit different target group preferences and foster user engagement, which is key to strengthening customer loyalty.