About the client

Sheeel is the biggest online store in the Middle East, offering great deal-of-the-day and covering several categories, such as electronics, household goods and toys. The origin of the name comes from the Arabic word sheeel (شيييل ), an affirmative form of the verb ‘to raise’ which is used for buying goods at bazaars. The awarded site had its first deal sold in 2011 and now the client wanted a beautiful and intuitive iOS app with push notifications, so the users don’t miss on all the great offers. The app was also supposed to be developed for both iPhone and iPad.


Our approach

Building a new channel for a successful online store was both a bliss and a challenge. We had to resemble the shopping experience from the desktop web site and follow brand guidelines, but offer native feel of the iOS at the same time. The ecommerce solution used was the customizable and robust Magento platform. This was especially important since the Group owned other online stores so we were to build on a platform like Magento, which could be used in later app solutions. In order to charge and ship separately on two main markets, Kuwait and KSA, we have separated them into two stores as they have different deals listed.

The user may first browse products as a guest. Each product lists the time left to complete the purchase, the price and sharing options. On the product single screen, the user may also see various product images, who was the first to sheeel (bought the deal), how much time did they need, as well as a sale stats snapshot. Coupons have also a map included, with a location where it may be used. Products and coupons may be added to shopping cart, when the quantity may be changed or items removed. The checkout process functions as a webview with several payment options available.


The store quickly started gaining substantial sales through this new channel and enabled on-the-go shopping for their regular customers, as well as reaching out to new customers who prefer the simplicity and mobility offered by the mobile app. As the time to complete purchase is very short for the deal-of-the-day, the multiple device support was key to giving the user more options to seize the opportunity. Sheeel is to this day one of the most popular apps in Kuwait in its category, so we introduced a Version 2 with a full support for Arabic layout on iOS9.