Her name is Foong Kwin and her family name is Tan. Her kindergarten students call her Ms. Kwin, trainee teachers call her Mrs. Tan and her boys call her Mum. We in Blue Factory call her Queenie and she is one the most kind and persistent person we’ve met. Queenie approached us with an idea of a new and modern look for her presentation site after great cooperation on one of her latest project – Great start 4 teachers online course. She wanted a site which will present perfect image of her work with children as her goal is to provide insightful, relevant tips that parents or teachers can apply to children at different stages of their development. New site is developed for people who are passionate about early childhood education just like her. Website has tones of quality content, which reflects years of working with young children, training teachers, curriculum writing, kindergarten set-up, coaching parents and research. Parent education registration – Queenie offers a series of group parenting sessions to provide coaching to small groups of parents who would like to address parenting topics in the comfort and privacy of their own circle of friends. Parents get to choose from a selection of parent education programs, which lasts for about 3 months. Reflections on past events – slides, additional resources, recommended books, images from past events…


Blog – daily blog posts about parenting, fun facts, book reviews… Podcast – every Tuesday users can listen new Queenie’s advices to become more skilled, passionate and enthusiastic about work with the little ones.


Book free samples – you can choose and read one chapter from her book “Cool Stuff Your Parent’s Never Told You About Parenting” With responsive design development we’re able to present website on both tablet and mobile devices.




“I LOVE working with these people! They are super responsive, super efficient and extremely proficient in what they do. The website which they have designed for me has received a very good review from my professional peers! I will definitely engage them again in the near future! ” Foong Kwin Tan