About the client

KupiMajicu.net was one of the most popular T-shirt selling sites in Croatia, with different printed cups and funny posters also available. They wanted a site that will look great on both desktop and mobile, as well as make ordering easy and fun. Two main target groups were:

1. users who wanted a fresh and funny T-shirt;
2. users who wanted to design an original T-shirt for themselves or their friends.

Client also required a simple and intuitive interface where they could add new designs and review orders to minimize time needed for the T-shirt to go into production and shipping.

Our approach

We decided for a customized Opencart solution, which is one of the leading online store management systems. Our priority was to make the experience enjoyable so we planned the UX very carefully. The design phase included heavy testing to assure that the user persona might navigate the site quickly and have a lot of fun while selecting and ordering.

The site is divided into two main sections, following two main target groups – shop for shirts which are already designed and a customization page with an included WYSIWYG editor. The user may choose between four models, five sizes, a couple of dozen colours and more than 300 different motifs.


To prevent getting stuck, we integrated Zopim live chat to offer support. We enabled multiple payment options such as credit cards and PayWay, or even a payment slip generator which can be scanned and paid via mobile device. The user may enter their data for shipping easily via Facebook login and select multiple shipping methods. When the T-shirt design is over, the user is encouraged to proudly share it via Instagram, including a custom hashtag #kupimajicu (Croatian for ‘buy a T-shirt’) which attracts their friends and followers and encourages them to get one, too.



The payment slip generator uses the data user has entered to create the image and a barcode, which can be scanned and paid automatically via mobile payment services.


If you should google ‘majica‘ or ‘majice‘, one of the top two or three responses will be kupimajicu.net, and surely the top one amongst shops. It is of no surprise that the client experienced a sharp increase in visits and sales soon after the new shop was introduced.


The boost was especially noticeable on mobile, as the T-shirt customization was carefully optimized to be equally fun on all devices and browsers. MailChimp integration helped to foster customer loyalty, engagement and increase customer lifetime value.