What is Fruitee?

Fruitee is a new croatian brand that takes care about your health. Why? The main causes of diseases are the way we live:

Fruitee is ready to change bat habits of people with fresh fruit salads, healthy breakfasts, milkshake’s, freshly squeezed juices and fruit smoothie.   what-we-done

What we have done

This project was very interesting for us because we were working on brand development from beginning. Our services for Fruitte are:


We created the overall design, look and feel of this colorful and interesting website which is in the end implemented in WordPress. This is perfect combination for client and end user of the website. With wide selection of different tastes and products, Fruitee website will help you to find some interesting facts about healthy food and make it simple for you to choose perfect healthy mix incorporated in their products. View site frutee-analytics