About the client

Osijek brewery is more than beer producers – long brewing tradition and impact on the local community make them important stakeholder of society. Investments in festivals, sports and cultural events have always been part of their philosophy. Corporate values are reflected in mission and vision. They are more than just a framed sentence, they articulate Slavonian dedication, diligence and openness, which are the basis of products. It is important to say that the Osijek brewery is the oldest Croatian brewery with over 350 years of tradition.

Our approach

The priority of the new website was to reach out to the feelings of the customer. The reason for that is a regional orientation of brewery and association with local people. Therefore, we made a presentation website about brewery and beers. In this story we are especially emphasized tradition, because log tradition of brewing is something that make customers proud.

For this site we used the WordPress CMS, HTML5, CSS3 and Java script: jQuery, ES6 and reactJS as is common practice in these types of websites, but the way we’ve used it with creative design makes this project different than others.

Especially what make us proud is implementation of social hub on new website. We needed to create a custom post type in WordPress which pulls feed from the Instagram API and stores it in the database. More about how we made that you can see here.


Expected results

The new site should make people more related with Osjecko beer by giving them information about new products and events. Also new social hub should be base for new consumers and make Osjecko beer more popular.