Drava Papuk application was developed and built in cooperation with Croatian tourist board and Virovitica-podravina county tourist board. Careful analysis of the user needs and the information availability defined the general idea for the application. While keeping in mind the restrictions of the internet access, we have strived to media rich and information rich application. We have achieved this through cloud hosting of the updates in combination with local storage. Powerful CMS enables administrators to manage, organise and update all locations, events, routes and more.

This application offers users a complete experience of visiting Virovitica-podravina county and makes it easier to navigate and choosing location they want to visit.



Application goals were set to achieve the following: Promote – Inform – Help


Every single detail was carefully planned out before design. Each of the functions is explained and views are organised in such way to provide maximum details for the client and the development team.


Content rich application offers all of the needed information to the end user. Some of the features that we would like to emphasise are recommended tourist routes, interactive maps, locations and informations area. Each of the locations contains rich media features and contact details with detailed explanation of the offering. This application is a handy tool when out on the field as it can provide access to all of the informations with no internet access.


Social media features that are oriented towards achieving application vitality. Each of the locations in the application have option for sharing the content, location and photo on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare.