About the client

The Kuwaiti market has more than 3 million active Internet users. AlWatan (which stands for Homeland in Arabic) is the largest Kuwaiti web site and the second most visited website in the MENA region. They also have a TV channel under the same name and a sports site Goalna. Our task was to create an iOS app for the site taking into account the current brand identity of AlWatan and the local target audience, as well as utilise the possibilities offered by iOS 9, such as iOS 9 Search.



Our approach

AlWatan is in Arabic language only, therefore we had to design the app with the RTL layout. This includes not only text alignment, but motion direction, menu and slider appearance and more. The look and feel of Arabic fonts are different to Latin – so usual methods like text truncating are not an option, which had a significant impact on design and functionalities. The final product also would not store any personal data.

The app also includes some iOS features such as layout switching depending on the device language (left position and motion with Arabic and right with English). We included the weather forecast for Kuwait and prayer timer for Kuwaiti region with in-app notifications before each prayer. Different news categories are displayed in a carousel menu, while single news in each category are swipeable inside each category.


Latest news are accessible as a gallery with a short description, so the user may swipe through all the latest updates in just a few minutes. Each of the news and writers’ articles is shareable via native sharing capability. Our favourite section were, however, the cartoons!

The content is searched easily with iOS 9 Search capability and we integrated Google DFP to display ads depending on type of content, as well as collect data and build revenue.



Client got a state-of-the-art iOS app that utilizes resources invested in the site, generates additional traffic and enables additional revenue. It also offers the user smooth navigation throughout the news and articles and empowers the AlWatan brand. While the numbers are still coming in, the data is already looking good with the site visits increasing and downloads in sharp growth.