About the client

Agrofructus group are specialized for production, repurchase, storage and sales of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables. The group is consisted of several companies in Croatia and abroad, cooperating with approximately three thousand subcontractors and employing four hundred people in three countries. They contacted us with a need for an intranet solution to communicate with their employees and partners more effectively, speed up the information flow and improve data accessibility.


Our approach

Intranet solutions do differentiate from the corporate or product website, as they are strictly collaborative or business-to-business, unlike business-to-customer solutions. In order to enable different levels of site administration, we used the WordPress CMS and its native functionality. This way it could be determined which user level could access added documents and reports, as well as administer the site’s forum.

In addition to that, not only could the employees access and browse the contact list, but they could also see their colleague’s birthdays, reach them directly or see when they’re on vacation. The management was able to conduct various polls to strengthen the decision process with field data. To further optimize the company’s resources, we created an app which enables the employees to book the company vehicles for a specific time.

Site was carefully designed to list important corporate news and PR articles, internal job postings, public and limited-access reports, corporate documents and galleries from various events. A well-organized structure was intended not to overwhelm the user, but keep them well informed and in touch with their colleagues.


The new intranet had a very warm reception inside the company. It empowered communication, reduced the number of in-house emails, increased productivity, saved time and effort to find key data and strengthened the corporate culture and internal branding. The users claimed that it was easier to find key information, use in-house applications, contact other employees and partners and manage company reports.