About the client

Over 800 million people on Earth are starving each day, and yet 50% of all produced food is wasted. Most of fresh water is spent on agriculture, and a majority of farmers still lack the knowledge and resources to make their work profitable and scalable. This has both impact on how we manage to preserve our environment This is why Croatian farm management award-winning startup, Agrivi, aims to be a game-changer in the world of agriculture. Having already won a World Startup Competition in Seoul and establishing itself with thousands of users from 150+ countries, they wanted a trusted partner who could help them build on their success. This meant delivering improved iOS and Android apps using their in-house API and design inputs, as well as contributing with modifications and suggestions based on our rich experience.

Our approach

Firstly, it was important to establish communication and cooperation channels between our team and Agrivi. This was made through appointing the right communication channels between the teams, preparation of necessary documentation, defining the responsibilities, milestones and progress tracking. The development was cut into phases to ensure that the key functionalities are achieved in the best possible timeframe, keeping flexibility and not questioning the quality of the code nor user experience at the same time.

Agrivi certificate – revolution in packaging

A revolutionary feature that may change the way we approach food shopping – the Agrivi certificate. Imagine scanning a QR code placed on the packaging of your favourite vegetable, which directs you to the information available on the Agrivi platform, where you can see all the key data about the product that’s actually on the shelf, collected during the production process. These will include the following:

  • fertilizers and biogenous added during production
  • plant protection added and whether the product is organic
  • energy and labour used during production
  • nutrition info – energy value, proteins, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins
  • photo gallery – the user will be able to see the product in various phases of production
Agrivi QR Certificate


The organization was centered around delivering the key benefits – the farmer now gets a handy tool which saves considerable time needed to do the accounting preparations, business planning and consulting with their agronomist. Agrivi has a great knowledge base available through its content management system, which helps farmers pick the right time for field work such as pruning or harvesting. There is also an integrated and detailed weather forecast for each location and notifications when there is risk of pest or disease occurrence – no need to check local agrometeorological forecast any more. In addition, there is rich reporting which helps conducting analysis and further planning, as well as compiling documentation for loans or insurance.

What’s good for the market and the consumers is that the increased transparency and better treatment of crops result in greater quality of the end product. Additionally, better education about product benefits help reward and value sustainable farming. Since modern consumers often care not only about the nutritive components of food, but also about sustainability and environmental impact of its production, Agrivi offers a way to adapt to new market requirements and offer above-par industry standards in communicating with the customer.

Agrivi plantation

How this looks like

Our solution had not only to look nice, but also to be quite handy and intuitive to use for all the users. We put the design to use, listing Crops, Tasks, Alarms and Home on the main screen, including Finances and Resources in the side menu. This way the workers may quickly view condensed info about the crops, their to-dos and alarms that might be triggered should there be a pest risk in the area, a pending invoice or a due expense. Simplified UI helps key functionalities are easily used and steepens the learning curve. As we were to build a worldwide-used app, this meant we had to play it smart – the app had to accustom a wide range of users with different tastes and habits.

Expected results

Having already established themselves as the most powerful farm management software, Agrivi is aiming to go further: enable more detailed tracking of various resources, richer database available and establishing fundamentals for new ways of communication towards the consumer. Improving world farming is not only a matter of profits, but eliminating hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition, thus empowering the most vulnerable parts of the population.

New Android and iOS apps, as well as the new CMS, will enable scaling and multiplying the number of businesses who use some of the services offered by Agrivi. Hundreds and hundreds of new businesses included will mean more data available and better learning curves for different crops, especially related to climate change, which will then foster better planning decisions and reducing environmental impact. Agrivi app has enormous potential in solving one of the most important world problems and we’re excited to be a partner in this mission – follow us to see the new advancements and latest news!

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