Blue factory team provides a full range of Bespoke solutions, Technical and Sales services, Testing environment and full time Support during the development as well as after finishing the project. As a trusted partner, clients often work with our team on different business segments which at the end results with more positive impact than they expect.


Communicate with your clients, tell them what they can expect, tell them about your products or services and do it in a smarter way than your competitors.

Web design

Designer creative mind and client wishes combined with best user experience practices guarantee a successful, high ROI online company presentation.


Clean, reliable and high quality code is the most important goal for our developers. With this approach we can create safe, scalable, effective and fast working solutions.

Mobile Applications

Smart mobile applications designed and created to present products and services in a most interactive way.

Introducing our


Getting to know your Business

As a crucial part for the success of the project, introducing our team with client business is a first step before specifying any features or creating a proposal. In this step we want to be sure to find out all about client business and his customers, his wishes, main concerns and expected results in order to fully understand what we need to do. For all interactions and communications with clients we are available via office telephone, mobile phone, Skype, email or for face-to-face meeting.

Creating a detailed proposal

After initial conversation, we are creating detailed proposal consisted out of all of our ideas, thoughts and functionalities and based on all information we’ve collected. Our idea is to show clients a clear vision what we want to create and which is the best approach for that. After summarizing all of our thoughts we have internal meeting to create a draft of the project logic which helps us to give correct financial statement and expected delivery date.

Defining Goals

Defining goals is a crucial step as we need to measure final result. Why is important to measure? We need to know where we succeed, where we need to do an improvement and does final result completely suits all client's needs.

Brainstorming & Wireframing

After we define proposal and specific goals we can start to work on detailed wireframe of the project. Wireframe is a visual guide that represents skeletal outline of the project. With wireframe in his hands, client can get a clear vision of the elements and relationship between them. Also, wireframe represents a great guideline for the development team as they can create a clear plan what they need to do.

Design & Development

After client revision of the wireframe, speaking about the improvements and additional adjustments, we are starting to work on detailed design of the project. Design represents whole picture of the project and it's most important step for starting with development process. After client approves created design, development team starts to work on project. From this point, you will be updated on a daily or week basis. Project Manager is a person who is here to help you, answer on all your questions and help you with content preparation. As our client you will be included in every step of the project.

Test & Deploy

At the end of development stage we are starting with testing in natural environment. This means testing on a different devices, cross browser testing, user experience testing… Client is also involved in this phase as his feedback is very important for best user experience of the customers. When we finish all tests, fix all possible bugs and make adjustment on the system we are starting with deployment.

Support & Innovation

When working on a project, we want to create an environment where client fully understands whole process and final result of the project. Besides that, we are always thinking how to improve all our solutions so long-term partnership is very important for us and our clients. In a daily communication with them we are looking all segments which can be improved, helping with usage, speaking about business plans…


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