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If you have a friend or a colleague who is amazing developer looking for a job in a grat team be sure to give us a heads up : )

Here are some things our developers say about working at the Blue Factory:

“The things that make me happy in my everyday work are new challenges, new technologies and, ofcourse, working with an excellent team.” – Marko Čučković

“I am developing as a person, I’m developing my communication skills, meeting new people I cherish, and growing as an IT expert. The thing that brings me the most joy is knowing that my project is adding value to the client and his business.” – Marko Grubešić

“I love the challenges I face everyday. They feed my desire for challenging work and becoming more and more successful.” – Filip Milković

Also, feel free to take a peek inside the Blue Factory and why would be great to join our team – Career posibilities – Blue Factory Youtube channel

To earn 2000 kn, here are some notes to keep in mind:

So, now it’s up to you – do you know somebody who would like to be a part of our Team? You can check our Jobs pages to see open positions.


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