Blue Factory is looking for 1 new member of the Mobile Development TeamiOS mobile developer! See what we’re offering, apply and join our Team.

Who we are?

Blue Factory is a small but fast growing IT company situated in Virovitica and Osijek. We provide branding, web & mobile application development services for domestic and foreign markets. Some of the clients we work with are Lexus, Aer Lingus, Michael Carrick, Michael Kors, Plitvička jezera, etc. Although the name of our company is Blue Factory, we have become quite a family and the bond that keeps us together is love towards learning new technologies and applying them in developing great products. All of us have our own quirks but we share mutual respect and understanding and we welcome each new individual as he is.

We work in teams and together we share all the good and all that’s bugging us ;)

But don’t just take our word for it – hear it and see it from your future colleagues themselves!

What we offer?

We take great care to provide our members with the support necessary for them to be able to get some serious work done but we also make sure that we all together have some fun and relaxing moments to unwind and keep our spirits high. So, our offer to you is:

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who has a desire for constant learning and is able to adapt to working in a team setting. There are some minimum requirements you have to fulfill which you can find further on. Everything above that minimum is welcome and will be appreciated.

Minimum level of knowledge required

Level of experience required

Minimal one year of experience.

Bonus points

How to apply and join our team?


Join our Blue Factory Family and let’s develop together!

— Blue Factory team