What are the selection process steps?

During selection process we try to make our candidates feel at ease and welcomed. Also, we make sure that every candidate gets feedback, regardless of results and selection stages. We believe that selection process is a conversation of equal sides and that’s why the first thing we provide to our candidates – when they arrive at our office – is a chance to explore the Blue Factory from the inside and see firsthand how our work is organized.

Mail1. Application

The first step is to send us your CV and Motivational letter. So be sure to use them to present your experience, projects and motivation.

komp-22. Practical assignment

The second step is to show us your skills and expertise in practise. For developers, it usually includes 1 task via e-mail on which you can work from the comfort of your home.

intervju3. Technical interview

In this interview, you will be asked more about the technologies used in your field of work (ex. for Android developer it would be about Java and Android).

psiho4. Psychological testing

To have a better understanding of each candidates potentials we use psychological testing.

intervju5. Final interview

The last step, the interview, gives you a chance to ask everything you are curious about, also gives you a chance to present yourself and prove to us that you are the one for the job.

Do you need an university degree?

Nope. We are looking for practical knowledge and skills. Ability to solve problems, to constantly learn and adapt to new technologies is what counts.

What are we looking for in our candidates?

You can always check that out in our “Jobs pages” but also you can read more in our “Career” section with resources from where to learn and in what order.

What can you expect in the future?

We are growing constantly. In just a few months we’ve grown for more than 50% and new opportunities for current employees, like advancements, and for new employees are emerging. The only thing needed is your motivation and hard work.

Is there a dress code?

Nope. Only thing important is that you are wearing something :)

What are the working hours?

Working hours are from 8 to 4 pm.

What about annual leave?

Every employee has 20 days off guaranteed with your own choosing on when and how to take them.

What OS we use?

Every employee can choose the one he prefers working on.

How’s working in the Blue Factory?

See it for yourself on our channel :)