We are pleased to announce that Clutch listed us as one of the leading Eastern Europe B2B companies on Clutch.co!

This week, Clutch recognized Factory as one of the leading development companies in Croatia in their annual list for Eastern Europe B2B companies. The report includes 170 companies from Croatia, and each company is evaluated based on client reviews, market presence, and ability to deliver quality products.

What is Clutch.co?

Clutch is an industry-trusted ratings and reviews platform based in Washington D.C that researches service providers across numerous sectors and identifies industry leaders. The firm independently conducts verified reviews from company’s clients and compiles information into profiles to list on their site that produces rankings in various segments and locations.”

– said Katie, the Business Analyst at Clutch.

To make it short, Clutch is a web platform, Washington, DC-based B2B research company that identified top firms with data-driven field guide for B2B buying and hiring decisions. They solve an important, two-sided problem. How do buyers of professional services and software find the best companies to meet a specific need? And, how to leading services and software firms stand out from the sea of mediocre competitors.

Why is Clutch awesome?

It’s a powerful marketing tool for service providers. It serves the clients to find quickly the best company for their solution. The users of Clutch are people who need to find a contractor for developing their projects. It’s a huge online hub with data about different firms. There are 8 categories – business services, IT services/solutions, web design, web/software development, mobile apps development, marketing, SEO, and advertising.

To find a contractor even faster, there is a list of subcategories that include description, service focus, average hourly rate, number of employees, location, and contacts. With this data, the user can find the best match for his project. To learn more, you have to look through the entire review that includes a portfolio, a distribution of servers and clients, and customer reviews.

The best part of Clutch.co are the reviews of clients! Reviews can give you the complete understanding of how a company is to tackle your tasks.

Our story with Clutch

Over the past 6 months, Factory has been getting excellent client reviews on Clutch. Thanks to this, we are proud to be listed on Top B2B Service Providers in Croatia Our main analysis is where we stand as a mobile development company. Between 6946 companies worldwide, currently, we’re on the 200th place! 

Here are our top 3 reasons why we love Clutch:

It’s all about our clients

Our clients write all the reviews and answers honestly so our potential clients can know what to expect when working with us.

Powerful marketing and branding tool 

Brand awareness and highlighting our biggest skills. For free.

Free promotion

Our marketing team says: “There’s no better ad than client feedback!”

Check our reviews on Clutch

Our clients continue to praise our work and our team. Here’s a sample of 5-star reviews from our clients on Clutch:

“Factory was willing to go above and beyond for us.”

“You feel like you’re with your own team when working with them.”

“They complete their work efficiently and on time.”



Clients are only that matters to us

We cannot thank our partners enough for consistently giving us a valuable and encouraging feedback. Thanks again to Clutch for doing great work, and for considering us in their research.

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