4 reasons why your retail business needs a mobile app

retail mobile app

Are you a retailer? Do you often find yourself thinking how to improve your retail business and gain more customers? You have heard something about retail mobile apps, but you are not exactly sure what their business benefits are? If yes, keep reading this blog post where we’ll try to help you answer those questions…

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Why Augmented Reality is the New Black

Augmented reality in the field

If somebody told you there’ll be something like Facebook or YouTube in less than 10 years back in 2000, would you believe them? Probably not, but that’s what you should. Augmented reality will follow their success. It combines view of real objects with device-generated images – which became particularly interesting with the rise of smartphones…

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6 Tools We Use @BlueFactory That Will Save You Time Today

A Selection of Time-Saving Tools

Do you ever find yourself wondering: “Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a tool for that?” That’s exactly how we feel sometimes. Fortunately, we’re passionate about saving time on bureaucracy. Why not spend it where it matters: with our clients and products? This is our list of useful tools, which saves us at least an hour…

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