How to create a successful ecommerce app

Ecommerce solutions

Did you know that the global share of mCommerce was around 40% of all eCommerce transactions? Almost two-thirds of UK’s and 50% of US’s ecommerce traffic now comes from mobile devices (Emarketer). However, retailers didn’t respond to this rapid shift towards mCommerce as quick as the customers. Criteo points out that add-to-basket and purchase rate are lower on…

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How can mobile travel apps boost bookings and revenue

Tourism apps

If somebody knows how bookings are important, it’s Croatia – the country where both of our offices are located. Tourism holds the country together and helps patch up the cracked national budget. Everyone relies on it, but we’re far from the comfort zone. The industry is fast changing: local sunshine-and-sea value proposition had to be…

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How Your Eyes Move on a Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

While there are some important changes and new trends in web design, some practices related to eye movement while exploring website are still the same. In order to help developer and business owners to improve user experience, Single Grain teamed up with Crazy Egg and created useful information on eye tracking.

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