Iskustva s backend prakse: Alen Juren


Upoznajte Alena Proteklih mjesec dana družili smo se s Alenom, studentom treće godine računarstva u Čakovcu na Međimurskom veleučilištu. Alen kaže kako je odabrao smjer računarstva jer ga je oduvijek zanimalo programiranje, kako kaže “ono nešto što kuca iza svakog programa i web stranice”. Prva iskra koja je probudila ljubav prema programiranju, bila je računalna…

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4 reasons why your retail business needs a mobile app

retail mobile app

Are you a retailer? Do you often find yourself thinking how to improve your retail business and gain more customers? You have heard something about retail mobile apps, but you are not exactly sure what their business benefits are? If yes, keep reading this blog post where we’ll try to help you answer those questions…

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Introduction to Redux for web application development


The code presented in this blog post is available on GitHub.   State management is an important part of application development, particularly in large-scale applications where client and server data needs to be orchestrated into a coherent and maintainable entity. When it comes to developing web applications, particularly on the client-side, Redux is currently the…

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What a success – Android application Greetings from Zagreb won a big award!


National and University Library in Zagreb and Factory make a great team! In the competition of 56 libraries from around the world, Android application Greetings from Zagreb won the third 2018 BibLibre International Marketing Award, which is presented by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). With headquarter in the Hague, the International Federation of Library Associations and…

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