Improving filtering options can boost your business

filter website

Creating a great user experience is the most important thing when it comes to designing a website. With our client,, we created an MVP solution and continuously after MVP solution we are analyzing and improving user experience on the site. We found research that says: 34% of websites have a poor filtering experience and…

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Elasticsearch: introduction, implementation and example


Finding a suitable and efficient searching algorithm or tool is sometimes more than usually challenging. To provide the best user experience, the user should be given a wide variety of search options with optimal searching speed. Elasticsearch covers all those cases and with few extra features to make it even better. All code that has…

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Why travel and tourism industry need to have a mobile app

mobile application Factory

Mobile phones have become a necessity for many people throughout the world – nowadays we don’t go anywhere without our phones! Can you even imagine what your day would look alike if you don’t have your mobile phone? The importance of having a mobile application lays in people’s need for searching everything they need. Let’s…

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Iskustva sa web developer prakse – Renato

development praksa osijek

Pročitajte nova iskustva s praksi u Tvornici! Proteklih par mjeseci u suradnji s našim partnerima ili s vlastitim resursima proveli smo različite radionice – od WordPress radionice, JavaScript radionice do Laravel radionice. Sve su one obuhvatile preko 100 zaljubljenika u web tehnologije! Nakon velikog uspjeha na navedenim radionicama, u suradnji s Odjelom za matematiku u…

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