Meet our dear friends and partners Agrivi and the most powerful farm management software!

Are you small or large farmer, agricultural cooperative or large enterprise company looking for a tailor-made solution, Agrivi team has a solution for you!

The story of Agrivi begins with the founder of Agrivi, Matija Žulj who dedicated his time and effort into solving the global food problem. 2013, Matija founded Agrivi with a vision to change the way food is produced and positively impact a billion lives by helping farmers reach profitable and successful production. We at Factory were lucky to have a chance to add more value to this great idea. As soon as we heard the story we knew: Blue Factory needed to be part of it!

At the beginning of our cooperation, Agrivi already had a knowledge-based software solution that helps everyone in the agriculture sphere to:

So only thing we saw was a new wave of opportunity for farmers! The greatest potential for improving farmers’ livelihoods comes from access to financial and agricultural information via mobiles – and we built it both for iOS and Android devices.


Key features that we managed to integrate were the ability to manage your farm with no need for constant internet access, fast and easy access to all your crucial data – from crops management to finances. How we did it? Read more about our work for Agrivi iOS and Android application

It has long been known that mobile phones can transform lives in the developing world. But also it’s clear that wireless communications must be used more effectively to search a potential crisis of productivity in rural regions such as Slavonia and Baranja. The only question is why such a useful tool has not been in your business already? To help you be more successful, use Agrivi solution.

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